Nicosia (or Lefkosia as it is known officially and to Greek speakers), is an enticing city and is ideal for experiencing what modern Cyprus is all about. The ancient walls, traditional restaurants and an increasingly vibrant and young cafe and cultural scene effectively highlight the city’s basic make-up and are all within walking distance of all the hotels below.

Almost everything of interest lies within the historic walls, where a labyrinth of narrow streets reveals churches, mosques and evocative colonial-style buildings, cafes, restaurants and traditional and modern shops. The country’s best museum is also here, housing an extensive archaeological collection.

The city has been labelled ‘the last divided capital’, a reality that, although still present, is slowly changing due to 24-hour checkpoint crossings into its Turkish occupied northern half – North Nicosia.

We at FREDMUN-Cyprus 2016, are looking forward in welcoming you to our city and we hope you enjoy the whole experience!

Below you can find four hotels that are all conveniently situated within the wall of Nicosia and with which we have achieved great prices (including breakfast and taxes). All hotels offer complementary Wi-Fi. When booking your room, please do not forget to quote “FREDMUN”.Express Court

HOTELS to be announced