Dimitris Bachoumas

Dear participants of FREDMUN 2017, my name is Dimitris Bachoumas and I’m currently an Undergraduate Student at the Faculty of Law of the Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH). My main fields of interest are Criminal Law, Public International Law, International Relations and Foreign Affairs.

While studying at DUTH, I had the opportunity to participate in many Models UN and other EU and Regional Simulations as well, both in Greece and abroad. More specifically, my MUN journey started back in 2014, with my first conference being MUNIST 2014 in Turkey and this journey carries on until today with my most recent participation being only one month ago at ThessISMUN 2017. On total, during the last three years I have been a delegate in 10 conferences, in many different committees, but mostly in the ones simulating NATO’s “North Atlantic Council” and in Crisis Committees.

There is no denying that these conferences played a key role in my academic and personal life. The way I see things, in life, if you want to achieve anything, you have to step outside your comfort zone. You have to constantly challenge yourself. By participating in Models UN, you do exactly that, because you get the opportunity to engage and work with other talented and intelligent delegates, to debate on controversial topics and in the end to come up with viable and effective solutions. What is more, along the way, you improve your public speaking, your English, negotiation and lobbying skills and you make new friends.

It is with great pleasure to serve as the Vice President of the UN Security Council in this second edition of the conference. FREDMUN has set the goal of becoming better, more challenging and more intriguing each and every year. And trust me when I say, along with my two wonderful partners Lia and Ivi, this will become a reality in this year’s UN Security Council.  So let me just welcome each and every one of you and at the same time, challenge the brave ones out there, to step up and apply for the Security Council if you seek for an adventure and a truly unforgettable experience.

Kind Regards

Dimitris Bachoumas,

Vice President of the UN Security Council