Dimitra Athanasa

Hello everyone! My name is Dimitra Athanasa. I am a 20 years old student at the department of Law in Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki. It is with great joy and honor that for this year’s FREDMUN I will be acting as Council of Europe Vice President. From an early age, I have taken an active role in the “world” of international organizations’ simulations and have participated in a great deal of them. I am a contributor at a site’s column writing about international relations and about matters of defense and a member of ELSA, in whose projects I am also taking part. Concerning my personal hobbies, I am a big history and poetry fan.

Additionally, taking a look to my hopes and goals for FREDMUN 2017, I am aiming to ensure for all of my delegates that it will be a fulfilling experience concerning both the preparation and the session’s part. I am quite sure that my collaboration with my colleagues will be very constructive. I promise to familiarize the delegates with the process and motivate them to participate during the conference. Nevertheless, we must not underestimate the entertainment part: I will also make sure that we will have a tremendous time.