Chris Mesogeitis

My name is Chris Mesogeitis and I am a university student in the Economic University of Athens. I joined the MUN family in 2012 and since then I have taken part in more than 10 simulations as a delegate and a Chair. After a “short” break of a year to study for the PanHellenic Exams, I returned to my MUN life as an advisor and currently I am involved in the organisation of an MUN for High School students.

I am very excited for being part of the 2nd edition of FREDMUN. The Euromaidan and the Crimean Crisis had a significant impact to the present relations of Europe with Russian Federation; Thus, I am eager to delve into the recent events and recreate this period of unrest! As a member of the Backroom Staff I firmly believe that we will deliver this fulfilling experience for you, delegates, and also have some fun ourselves watching you try sabotage one another.