Solomon Kountouris

My name is Solomon Kountouris and it is a great honour to serve in this year’s FREDMUN as a the Head of Crisis Committee – Historical Security Council. It will be an amazing and unforgettable experience!

As far as I am concerned, I was born and raised in London, but I am by origin from Cyprus. When my family returned to the island, I found myself seeking every youth opportunity I could find; in the last few years, I have found myself as a volunteer at the “Politistiko Ergastiri Ayion Omoloyiton” and as a member of Cyprus Youth Diplomacy. As far as my academic interests are concerned, I am currently studying Political Sciences at the University of Cyprus, in my third year, and focus on international development and humanitarian emergencies.

I started participating in MUN’s when I was in high school and they were the spark that made me choose my academic and professional pathways. I strongly believe that through this experience that we will share with you, you can achieve greater heights in your own careers and lives. You will not only be able to build social, leadership and teamwork skills, but you will also look at the world in a very different way.

Model UN – Committee – Country – Position 

  • THIMUN 2011: UNHRC – Kuwait – Delegate
  • MEDIMUN 2012: GA 1 – Somalia – Delegate
  • THIMUN 2012:  Advisory Panel – Algeria – Delegate
  • Harvard WorldMUN 2015: Legal – El Salvador – Delegate
  • RomeMUN 2016: UNHCR – United Kingdom – Delegate (Best Delegate Award)
  • FREDMUN 2016: Council of Europe – President
  • CyMUN 2017: Security Council – President
  • RomeMUN 2017: UNHCR – Belgium – Delegate (Best Delegate Award)