Valentina Koumoulou

Honorable Participants,

My name is Valentina Koumoulou and I am a 2nd year student at the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting in Corfu. My dream is to become an interpreter for the UN. My passion is travelling the world; consequently, I decided to combine it with my dream job. People describe me as a kind, considerate and positive person and the truth is that I always try to make everyone happy. As far as my MUN career is concerned, everything started when I was in high school and I visited the European Parliament in Strasbourg. That’s when I realized I wanted to wear suits for the rest of my life; so, the journey towards MUN conferences began. This year I have the honor to be the Head of the Organizing Committee of SimUnesCO, a conference in Corfu simulating the committees of UNESCO, which is a great experience, while FREDMUN gives me the opportunity to become a board member for the first time. The committee, in which I will be the Vice-President is very important to me, because I have never had the chance to deal with issues that focus on human rights, even though they were highly intriguing for me in real life. So, to conclude, I am certain that this year’s edition of FREDMUN will be great, and as far as the Human Rights Council is concerned, I guarantee that it will expand your horizons in a way you cannot imagine yet!