Roy Tzivra


My name is Roy Tzivra and I am 21 years old, coming close to celebrating my 6-year anniversary with MUNs. I am currently a student of International and European Relations at the University of Piraeus and enjoying it to the fullest. A great part of my love for my academic subject derives from the thrill I get observing the efforts of the international community to guarantee peace and security, while serving its individual national interests! So, that is exactly what I will be doing this year in FREDMUN 2017 as the Chair of the Crisis Committee!

What can you expect from our Committee? Well, nothing is off the table! From character “assassinations” to the possibility of overthrowing your chair, in the Crisis Committee you will never get bored! Leaving behind us the Rules of Procedure, we will tackle the Crimean Crisis like pros and we will surely make unforgettable memories! I am waiting for all of you dedicated, international affairs “aficionados”, history junkies and MUN veterans to rewrite (recent) history together!

See you in November!