Maria Mitoulaki

My name is Maria Mitoulaki, I am twenty two years old and I have recently graduated from the Department of Sociology at Panteion University of Athens. As far as my future academic plans are concerned, my next step is the criminology master degree. My main goal is to pursue a career in investigation both in criminal and international issues. My passion for knowledge concerning international issues led me to participate in MUN conferences. My previous MUN experience started two years before, when I had the amazing opportunity to participate in Thessaloniki Model United Nations (ThessISMUN 2015). Since then, I have participated in another nine simulations both of the United Nations and the European Organs as a journalist, as a delegate and as a chairperson. I am more than happy to admit that simulations are the best way to gain knowledge, meet new people and build a part of your personality. Concerning my academic interests, I have to note that I am more than interested in Human Rights, because almost every science is based on human existence, and almost every investigation includes humanity issues in its core. In this year’s FREDMUN I will have the honor to serve as a President in the Council of Europe and I am extremely excited about it. I am sure that we will all gain useful knowledge on matters related to international affairs, and promote cooperation as the key element of our discussions.