Lia Mitropoulou

Honorable participants,

My name is Evangelia Mitropoulou -but I prefer everyone calling me Lia- and I am an undergraduate student at the Faculty of Law School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. After completing my studies, I want to focus on international law and foreign affairs aiming to related postgraduate studies and internship programs. Till now, inter alia, I had a four-month internship in the D1 Directorate of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "the United Nations and other International Organizations", and I have participated in multiple simulations, such as simulations of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, European institutions -as the EU Council and the European Parliament-, UNESCO, and NATO. My first engagement can be found seven years ago, as a member of the editorial team, a preoccupation that was the impetus for cross participation as a delegate, ambassador, chairperson and secretariat member. During the current academic year, I am an international affairs’ analyst and responsible of the department “Law, Society and Culture” at “Power Politics”, the first Greek website on the analysis of international relations, as well as volunteer in “ethelon” and the “United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network”, Greece, Youth focusing on the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals. In this year’s edition of FREDMUN, I will have the great honor to participate in a conference of high academic quality and organisation along with my wonderful colleagues, Ivi and Dimitris, as board members of the Security Council. The agenda item to be announced soon will be extremely intriguing calling the council’s members to be well-prepared for negotiations needed on ensuring and establishing international peace and security always respecting their country’s policies. Do not miss the chance to gain such an experience! As Albert Einstein said, “life is like riding a bicycle; to keep your balance, you must keep moving”.