FREDMUN Dress Code

Dear Delegates,

FREDMUN kindly asks that all delegates adhere to the Model United Nations Dress Code. All clothing must adhere to guidelines that portray professionalism and modesty. This also creates the unique atmosphere that is a Model UN Conference.

If a delegate’s attire is deemed inappropriate by FREDMUN staff, the delegate will be asked to leave the session and return with appropriate attire.

It is preferred that delegates are dressed in Western Business Attire. Traditional dress is permitted only in the case of international delegates in whose native countries “professional business dress” includes traditional cultural dress. FREDMUN will not tolerate any delegate’s attempt to portray a “character” using traditional cultural attire as a costume.

The guidelines are as follows:

  • Men are expected to wear a suit or business jacket with a dress shirt and tie, formal shoes (no sneakers) and dress pants (no jeans).
  • Women should wear a suit, dress jacket, formal shoes (no sneakers), and dress skirt with a blouse or dress sweater (no jeans).
  • It is not appropriate for delegates to display any national symbols such as flags, pins, crests, etc. on their person during sessions. UN symbols are acceptable.
  • Faculty advisors/team leaders, guests, and volunteer staff serve as role models for delegates. Thus, they are required to dress in western business attire while participating in scheduled conference sessions.

Please note that you will also need a casual outfit in the evening for the social events. National dress is also appropriate for social events.

Code of Conduct

While participating in the FREDMUN  conference, delegates have a responsibility to always maintain the highest level of professionalism, courtesy and diplomacy. Conference staff, faculty advisors, fellow delegates, speakers, as well as non-FREDMUN guests should be treated with the highest level of courtesy and respect. This includes also any social media posts and electronic communications.

Professionalism in speech, actions, and appearance by delegates is a requirement of this conference, and necessary to its educational mission. It is expected that all FREDMUN delegates will respect the property of Frederick University and any other facilities used by our conferences.

Delegates are expected to:

  • Remain “in character” by consistently advocating the interests and representing the policies of the country assigned to which they are assigned. To act “in character” also entails displaying respect for the opinions and ideas of fellow delegates, even if these opinions and ideas conflict with a given delegate’s own country's priorities.
  • Collaborate with fellow delegates when possible.
  • Be courteous and professional at all times, including on social media and electronic communications
  • Attend all committee sessions. Delegates who disrupt committee sessions or create problems in the hotel or other facilities may be barred from further participation in the conference

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