Solomon Kountouris
Solomon Kountouris was born and raised in London. He studied Political Science at the University of Cyprus and is currently undergoing a Masters Degree of Science at King’s College London on the topic of Disasters, Adaptation & Development. He has been involved in MUN conferences since 2011 and has attained many awards as well as chairing and training delegates for countless conferences around the world. In his free time he partakes in cultural activities including but not limited to music, traditional dancing and theatre. This year he has the honour of serving as the Secretary General of FredMUN 2020!

Anastasios Oikonomidis
Anastasios Oikonomidis was born and raised in Thessaloniki. He studied law in the faculty of law at Democritus University of Thrace and currently he lives and works in Thessaloniki. He speaks English and French. His academic fields of interest are among others the administrative and public law, international and maritime law, constitutional law, global affairs, diplomatic history and political analysis. Anastasis involvement in the mun community begun back in 2017. His first conference was ThessISMUN 2017 in which he had the opportunity to represent Brazil in ECOSOC committee. Since then he participated in numerous mun simulations in Greece and abroad. Through his attendance in various conferences and events regarding the abovementioned fields developed a keen interest in crisis management, multilateral cooperation and fruitful debates. Apart from the mun world during the last four years he worked as an intern both in the public and private sector. He had the opportunity to work in the Administrative Court of Thessaloniki, the Greek Embassy in UK and in the Department for political affairs of The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He finds challenges and new experiences really intriguing, he loves photography, traveling, reading and writing.

Danai Georgiadi
Danai was born and raised in the beautiful Thessaloniki in Greece. She is currently in her 4th year of studies in the Department of International and European Studies at the University of Macedonia. She is fluent in both English and French.
Diplomacy, international affairs, human rights, and security have intrigued her from a very young age. Thus, she has been participating in MUN and other conferences since her high school years. Today she counts numerous MUN experiences both in Greece and abroad.
She wishes to meet your expectations as the President of the General Assembly in this year's FREDMUN and she hopes to create the well-known family environment of the conference.

Aslanidis Ioannis
Ioannis Aslanidis was born and raised in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, where he is currently an undergraduate student at the department of Economics of the University of Macedonia. Although he studies finance, his second passion is diplomacy, an inclination he discovered he had as of his first participation at a simulation of the United Nations, after which he continued his involvement in as many conferences and simulations as he could. He aspires to work for the institutions of the European Union, or even better for the United Nations as a diplomat. At his free time he totally enjoys watching films and dive into deep conversations with his friends, while you can literally find him with his headphones on anytime, as he is obsessed with listening to music. On the contrary, if you cannot find him at all, then he must be somewhere abroad, since he finds trips one of the reasons for his existence. However, and most of all, what he cannot resist is debating. That being said, this year he will have the utmost honor to serve as the Deputy President of the General Assembly for FREDMUN 2020!

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