Security Council

President - Stefanos Agathokleous

Stefanos Agathokleous is born in Nicosia, Cyprus and has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Cyprus. During his study, he attended a semester abroad at the Metropolitan University of Prague and currently, he is on his 2nd year of studying a Joint International Master’s degree of Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom and the University of Marburg in Germany. His studies include analysing the causes of violent conflicts and explaining its effects and dynamics. In addition, his Master programme also includes risk analysis, negotiation & mediation techniques, twin-track diplomacy, third-party intervention, peace-keeping, peace-making, and coercive diplomacy.

In the past, he worked at the George C. Marshal European Center for Security Studies in Countering Transnational Organized Crime where he was taught how to draft national strategies.

Stefanos’ MUN experience started as a delegate in FredMun2017 in the ECOSOC. Since then, he participated both as a delegate and as a chair in many conferences in Europe like in Rome, Luxembourg, Canterbury, Manchester, Madrid, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Berlin, London & Hamburg. This year, he is very glad to return for the third time in FredMun 2020, this time as the chair of the Security Council.  

His expectations of FredMun 2020 is that the P5 members of the Security Council are going to reach consensus to their agenda topic. Overall, he believes this year’s FredMun is going to be the best so far.

He cannot wait to meet you all in Nicosia this Spring for the fourth edition of FredMun.

Vice-President - Nikolas Voniatis

Nikolas Voniatis, age 25, originated from the occupied city of Famagusta, Cyprus, will be joining FredMUN 2020 as a Co-Chair in the UN Security Council Committee! He has graduated from the University of Cyprus with a BA in Political Sciences and he is currently pursuing an MA in International Conflict Studies at King’s College London.

During the years he has worked as an intern in the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Cyprus to the EU in Brussels, daily participating in the Council of the EU External Affairs working groups; and positioned himself at the Strategic Planning Unit of the Cyprus MFA, participating in Foreign Policy Planning and Political Risk Analysis. Additionally between 2017 and 2019 he was a Research Assistant at the Centre of International and European Political Economy & Governance of the University of Peloponnese. Finally he has been a Member of the Cyprus Youth Parliament for the year 2017-2018.

Regarding his previous simulations experience, Nikolas has been a Delegate and a Board Member in various MUN and Crisis Scenarios in Cyprus and in the UK (NATO, RAND and KCL Crisis Team, KCL Wargaming Network) and he has also had the opportunity to Organize and Direct Crisis Scenarios in Cyprus, such as UCY Crisis 2018.

As a member in previous installations of FredMUN, Nikolas is back hoping to help new aspiring diplomats and lawmakers to make their first steps in the debating world, but above all, to make friends and meaningful connections that last through the years!

3rd Committee of the GA

Chair - Petros Petrikkos

Petros is a foreign, defence, and cyber policy analyst, currently pursuing a PhD in International Relations. He specialises in International Security. He holds a MSc in Conflict Studies and a BA (Hons) in International Relations. His research interests lie in the International Relations of the Middle East, critical approaches to civil society and institutions, critical infrastructure and information systems, intelligence, and security in small states. He also edits professionally for academic and political risk journals and magazines, and is a project coordinator for diplomatic, scientific, and security events. He is a Managing and Reviews Editor at ASEN's Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism (SEN) in London.

Over the last 10 years, he has been a delegate, chair, and organiser in different MUN conferences (essentially, he does not know when to retire). In his free time, he loves a BIG cup of coffee, travelling, reading horror/military/fantasy fiction, travelling, composing music, and equally enjoys reading about International Relations and conducting research. He is an approachable, energetic (we must emphasise he LOVES coffee), friendly geek, always up for a stimulating conversation. As such, FREDMUN will certainly be quite an interesting experience with him during committee time! Catch him on Twitter at @PetrosPetrikkos

Co-Chair - Konstantinos Poulios

Konstantinos Poulios is an excellent person with a very consistent character, very patient and cooperative with others and hard working. He performs excellently in his assignments using practical approach to problem solving under highly pressurized environments and has experience in positions which require leadership and interpersonal skills. His soft skills have been sharpened throughout various seminars. He is currently a law student in Neapolis University of Pafos Law School. As far as his MUN experience is concerned  he has participated in the FredMUN 2019, in which he acquired the best delegate award in the 1st Committee (DISEC) and ThessisMUN 2019.  He is willing to participate in the FredMUN 2020 at the position that he was given as a co-chair in the 3rd Committee in order to acquire a more wholesome MUN experience. His level of English knowledge is very high as derived from his English Certificates from Michigan (Proficiency) and Cambridge (Advanced).

4th Committee of the GA

Chair - Theodoros Vasilopoulos

Theodoros Vasilopoulos is a senior Political Sciences student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. At 21 years of age, he has participated in numerous academic and high school MUN simulations, serving both as a delegate and a chairperson. He is very much excited and awaiting this year's FredMUN, especially considering the addition of the SPECPOL committee, which he has the honour to represent in the position of the President. Lastly, he wishes that this edition of FredMUN will be yet another great experience for everyone involved.

Co-Chair - Myrto Kourouni

Myrto Kourouni is currently a second year Law student at the University of Nicosia and enrolled at Athens School of Fine Arts. She grew up in Patras, Greece and discovered her interest in diplomacy, human rights and international affairs during her high school years. Since then she has participated in more than 20 Debate tournaments, Mediation tournaments, European Youth Parliament, Model ICJ and MUN conferences in Greece, Cyprus, Italy and the UK. She is also very interested in learning foreign languages and speaks English, German and Chinese.

Myrto would describe herself as coffee-addicted, hard-working, and free-spirited. In her free time, she enjoys taking long walks around Nicosia, catching up with friends, playing tavli and spending time in libraries and galleries.

For this year’s FREDMUN she is eager to make her committee stand out, facilitate fruitful debates, impart knowledge and learn from others throughout the conference but most importantly make FREDMUN 2020 a worthwhile experience full of memories for her delegates.


Chair - Panagiota Yiallouri

This is Panagiota Yiallouri. She is 17 years old born and raised in Cyprus. Even though she is a high school student she has high aspirations. She wishes to study History, Politics and Economics in the future and engage with diplomacy and politics in her professional life.

She considers debating as an integral part of her life as she finds it a function of communication and exchange of ideas amongst intellectuals.

In her free time she loves meditating, travelling, reading History books and participating in cultural activities including theatre, music and dance productions.

Amongst others, she loves research with her current research being undertaken in the field of environmental policy.

Her life motto is to always strive to be the best version of yourself.

She has attended numerous MUN events both in Cyprus and abroad on a high school as well as university level. Her biggest challenge as a delegate was to learn how to listen to other delegates, co-operate and be more social.

FREDMUN holds a special place in her heart, as it was her very first simulation and she wishes to grow as a chair through it. Her expectations from FREDMUN 2020 are nothing less than fruitful debates, hard work and growth of both delegates as well as chairs.

Co-Chair - Stylianos Kechagias

Stylianos Kechagias, or also known as Stelios, is a 19-year-old university student born and raised in the sunny city of Thessaloniki, Greece. He studies in the History and Archaeology department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and he is particularly interested in Roman Archaeology and History of Art. Stelios’ first Model United Nations conference dates back to the freshman year of high school. Since then, he has had his fair share of both UN and EU simulations in Greece, hoping to expand his experiences abroad. Stelios is inclined to believe that such conferences are novel experiences of active learning and engagement with current affairs. Although his field of studies is not necessarily associated with diplomacy and foreign affairs, Stelios believes that the knowledge of the past can lead to solutions concerning up-to-date issues, since history is pretty much repeating itself. Reading books, travelling and learning new languages are extracurricular activities Stelios loves dedicating himself during his spare time. Stelios is more than excited to be a part of the FREDMUN 2020 family and welcome you to the beautiful capitol of Cyprus. In this year’s conference, he is honored to serve as the co-chair of the ECOSOC Committee and is looking forward to meeting you in person.


President - Georgia Vasiou

Georgia Vasiou is 19 years old, currently in her second year of studies in the field of Public Administration at Panteion University of Social and Political studies in Athens. She has participated in many regional and international conferences like EYP, SimUnesCo, ArcMUN,NAIMUN, Bismun,Europa.S,MUN U, ATSMUN, RhodesMRC as a delegate,a journalist and a chair too. Her love for conferences derives from her love for traveling and meeting new people. Other things she loves: singing, watching series and movies and reading poetry. This is her fourth chairing experience,that is why she is so excited to guide delegates and make everyone love and cherish this year's FREDMUN and other MUN's to come.

Vice-President - Merkouris Kypraios

He’s 20 years old from Rhodes, Greece studying Accounting and Finance at Frederick University in Cyprus. His first Model United Nations experience was at Rhodes MRC as a high school student, where he found out how interesting diplomacy and policy making really is. Since then he has participated in two other conferences, at FredMUN, during his studies as a delegate, developing cognitive and negotiation skills. This year at FredMUN 2020 serving for the first time as a Co-Chair of CoE, he’s excited and eager for the chance to work upon up to date issues and meeting new people while having fun. He’s looking forward for the conference to start.


President - Giorgos Margaritis

Giorgos Margaritis was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. He is a 19-year-old undergraduate student of English Literature at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He absolutely enjoys reading books, playing computer games, and cooking. As regards his Model UN experience, he has participated in numerous simulations throughout the years, starting from 2015. Some of these include the Aristoteleio College MUN (ArcMUN), ThessISMUN, RhodesMRC, as well as the European Youth Parliament (2018). He is an ardent proponent of science, critical thinking and open-mindedness, and tries to include these elements in his day-to-day discourse. FredMUN is going to be his first ever experience of a simulation away from Greece, and he is extremely happy to be a part of the FredMUN family. He expects that FredMUN will not only be an outlet for meeting amazing new people, but also that it will prove a platform for the exchange of most brilliant ideas. That being said, he is growing ever more excited about traveling to Cyprus, and, in turn, entering the world of FredMUN!

Vice-President - Andrea Soteriou

Born and raised in Nicosia, Cyprus, Andrea has always been eager to explore the fascinating world of multilateralism. She aspires to become an international lawyer, and to be able to discover the legal field from the perspective of international organizations.

Albeit still a high school student, she has thrived to take part in as many MUNs as possible from a young age, and dive deep into a wide array of different conferences, forums and simulations. Aiming to prove that the youth are not only the future but also the present, she has been set out to achieve a tough task – to be an active citizen from a very young age.

You will probably not have trouble locating her as she is bound to be the loudest person in the room – always with something to say, always having an opinion ready, always ready for some vigorous debating. But, above everything, she is ready to be amazed by the vivid and enthralling debates of this year’s edition of FredMUN!

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